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7 Reasons We Love QuickBooks™ Online for Small Businesses

We are big QuickBooks™ Online fans around here - and for good reason.

It’s one of the most used accounting software platforms in the world, topping most of the charts you’ll find online. It even made our top apps list for Canadian small businesses back in 2020!

But while it’s certainly popular, there are a couple of things we really think it does best when it comes to recommending it over other products.

Here are 7 reasons we love QuickBooks™ Online for small businesses.

Reason #1: Cloud Accounting

This is our number one pick for why we think QuickBooks™ Online is the greatest of all time.

When we say “cloud accounting”, we mean that it stores all of your data on a remote server. Instead of having to download the software to your physical computer, you access this awesome software from your web browser.

This makes it safe and secure from any physical threats as QuickBooks™ Online is frequently backing up your data. Should your work computer suddenly display the dreaded blue screen of death, all of your business’s financial data is protected in QuickBooks™ servers.

It also means you can access your bookkeeping data anywhere in the world. Your data is accessible in real time. QuickBooks™ Online offers auto-importing of bank feeds so your bank balances are constantly updated so making business decisions on the go is quick and easy.

For service-based businesses who travel often, this is a game changer. Gone are the days of holding onto all of your receipts in a big binder, taking up precious space in your carry-on when you're away on a business trip. Snap a pic of your receipt, log in, and upload your receipt to your expense right away.

Reason #2: Ease of Use

When starting up a service-based business, there are all kinds of new things you need to immediately become an expert in. Bookkeeping is one of those necessary things. Fortunately, QuickBooks™ Online makes this pretty painless.

One of the reasons we love QuickBooks™ Online for small business is that it is extremely user-friendly, which makes it quick and easy for business owners to manage their finances and keep track of their expenses. There are a ton of tutorials online, as well as great in-house customer service, should you run into any trouble. And you always have a pro in your corner. (Hint: we’re the pros - ask us for help!)

Reason #3: Multi-User Access

QuickBooks™ Online makes collaboration super simple. For service-based businesses with more than one head financial honcho or who outsource their bookkeeping, having multiple users allowed to make changes at the same time is essential. No more remoting into your computer or juggling multiple backups of data.

Plus, this excellent bookkeeping software allows 2 “Accountant” class users that don’t count toward your total users. Free is always good!

Reason #4: Client Invoicing

QuickBooks™ Online makes client invoicing quick and easy. Setting up an invoice takes very little time and your customer gets a direct link to payment options included in their invoice. Get paid!

This software is pretty unique in that it automatically calculates sales tax rates from your customer’s address when creating an invoice. This alone saves a ton of time and effort!

But beyond that, it also tracks all of the sales tax you have collected! You can prepare your return directly in the browser-based software. It will also automatically add the dates of your last sales tax period to the return for you based on your CRA payment schedule. This alone makes it one of the reasons we love QuickBooks™ Online for small businesses!

Reason #5: Affordability

QuickBooks™ Online is one of the more affordable accounting software options on the market for small to medium service-based businesses in need of a powerful financial system. This makes it an excellent choice for companies that are on a tight budget needing the best bang for their buck.

And if you are working with us, you can get an exclusive rate on your software package. Click here for more info.

Reason #6: Scalability

QuickBooks™ Online can grow with your business, making it a good choice for businesses that are expecting rapid growth in the near future. It also comes with many built-in features, such as invoicing, tracking time spent on projects, and creating estimates. This helps you save time and money by not having to purchase additional software or services.

Reason #7: We’re experts in it!

So obviously we are a bit biased being QuickBooks™ Online Advanced Certified ProAdvisors, but we truly believe this is one of the best accounting software options out there. We’ve put some serious hours into learning the ins and outs of this program and are continually impressed with the breadth of options, detail, and add-ons it provides.

We hope all of these reasons we love QuickBooks™ Online for small business helped you in deciding on a bookkeeping software for your company - but give us a shout if you need any more advice.


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