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Your free real-time information system

This is one of the features our clients find most valuable. We support you every month with QuickBooks Online, our real-time accounting system.


This system will put you in complete control of your numbers. Cloud accounting software companies charge a monthly subscription for using their system (an annual subscription to the premium version of QuickBooks Online is $600).


But as part of our cloud accounting packages, we pay this on your behalf, which means you get all the benefits of a real-time accounting system, for free.

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A holistic cloud system for your business

Many cloud accounting systems integrate with other solutions.


There are systems that allow you to photograph receipts with your smart phone and enter them into your bookkeeping system; never worry about losing that parking receipt again!

You can integrate online payment with automated payment systems. You can integrate with payroll systems. Inventory control systems. Accounts receivable management. The list goes on… but we’ll simplify it for you.

You will be amazed at what you can do to run your business more easily, to help you get your cash faster and save you time.


As part of our cloud accounting service, we will provide a report setting out the most popular integrations and the best ones for your business.

A paperless bookkeeping experience

We recommend a system like Dext or Hubdoc that will remove the administrative burden that bills, invoices and receipts place on small businesses.


It makes the gathering, storage and processing of receipts and invoices as easy and cost effective as possible. The system will make your life easier and remove clutter by filing paperwork in the cloud.

Every time you get an invoice or cash receipt (for example, a parking or meal receipt), all you need to do is take a photo with your smartphone. You can then throw that piece of paper away! A CRA-accepted format is now stored online.


And that's just about it. 99% data extraction accuracy will pull the subtotal, tax and total and post it to your accounting system.

Already getting paperless billing from a supplier? No problem - forward the email to Dext and it's taken care of.


The system will store the image of your invoice and it will be sent from the system into our cloud accounting system for us to post it to the correct place.

And best of all, we will supply you with the software free of charge and show you how to use it.

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Is my data safe on the cloud?



The new world of cloud computing promises a simpler, more convenient method of bookkeeping for small businesses everywhere. 

But to some of us, from the technophobes to the tech savvy, this just sounds too good to be true. There must be a catch, right? We've all heard the horror stories of hackers and data breaches and stolen credit card information.

Rest assured - the cloud applications we use, including QuickBooks Online, SmartVault, Dext and more, are safe, reliable and secure.

Your data is backed up, and then backed up again, and again, and again... 

The servers that hold your data are backed up regularly - as in, multiple times per day. And not just in one or two locations - but in locations spanning the US and Canada so there are always multiple backups ready to take over in the event of a server failure. Plus, these locations have physical security measures as well such as surveillance and alarms.

Why does this beat desktop? You don't have to manage or schedule backups to an unsecured and physical hard drive, that can easily be stolen, lost or destroyed.

Of course, if you'd like, you can still download a copy of your data and store it offline, for your peace of mind.

Your data is encrypted - AKA unreadable to hackers

The applications we use secure your data with AES256 encryption. What is that? Well, it's the strongest level of encryption available, and is used by the US and Canadian government. It's virtually impenetrable, and would take billions of years to crack with our current level of computing.

Our apps also use SSL to encrypt your data, so that only you and the server can read the information. 

In fact, most of these apps have the framework for compliance with HIPAA and FINRA/SEC/SOC - the standards for data storage in the healthcare and financial industries.

You're in complete control of your data

When you're in the cloud, you are in control of who sees what, and what they can do. 

These applications have powerful paper trails. You get access to activity logs that will show you exactly who accessed your file, at what time, and what changes were made. This log cannot be modified or deleted.

You never have to share a password - you can set up and personalize each user's permissions, and take them away just as easily. Two-factor authentication adds an extra level of security, so you can be sure the only people viewing your file are the people YOU choose.

Learn more about the security of top financial apps

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