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Top 7 Apps for Canadian Small Businesses

The apps you choose to use in your small business can have a huge impact on your success. Making sure you pick the right ones is vital to efficiency.

We've compiled a list of our top 7 apps with proven success for Canadian small businesses.

Whatever your business does - we'll help you find the app to do it faster!


1) QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is the #1 accounting software for small businesses in Canada, and that's no surprise.

With its bank feed feature, transactions are automatically grabbed from your bank and credit card accounts and imported into the software.

From Petro Canada to Tim Hortons, QuickBooks will automatically sort those transactions. This translates to some substantial time savings, eliminating all the hassle of manual data entry.

Intuit Canada, the software company responsible for QuickBooks, is based in Mississauga, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta. Their software is specifically designed for Canadian entities and includes features for transactions unique to Canadian business, such as GST, HST and PST.

The software also comes with a powerful feature for finding third-party apps to integrate with, and the list is ever-growing as tech improves. Their award winning customer service rocks too.

Oh yeah - and you also get an exclusive rate through Simcoe Office Solutions.

2) TSheets (by QuickBooks)

If you've got employees, you've got to pay them. Whether they are hourly or salary, chances are you've had to use a timesheet.

Eliminate the paperwork and upgrade to TSheets. It's super easy to use and also integrates with multiple payroll processors, including QuickBooks, Sage, and ADP.

You can also manage and schedule your employees shifts. Employees are notified of shift changes - so you don't have to go through the headache of conflicts.

GPS tracking gives you a bird's eye view of the employees on the clock and prevents time theft. Only 6% of employees who use GPS tracking for work had a negative opinion of it.

Employees don't use their smartphones for work? Take advantage of the "Crew" feature of the app to have one manager punch in for their team.

Project Tracking not only shows you who is working on what, but it also makes billing your clients a snap.

Try out the Payroll Savings Calculator to see how much you can save by switching to TSheets.

3) Receipt Bank

Another big contender for our top apps for Canadian small businesses is ReceiptBank. We know how quickly the mess of receipts piles up. ReceiptBank will take away all the frustration of filing and entering receipts.

ReceiptBank is your filing cabinet on steroids. No more rummaging through files and drawers, looking for that one receipt.

It's as simple as this: make your purchase. Get a receipt. Take picture of receipt. Done. Oh and don't forget to recycle that receipt.

Nervous about tossing the receipt? Yes, the CRA needs 6 years of records for most businesses, but ReceiptBank's storage is more than adequate per the CRA's acceptable formats.

Don't let their name mislead you - ReceiptBank will also eliminate data entry for bills and invoices too!

Plooto logo
Plooto is made for Canadian SMBs by Canadians

4) Plooto

Plooto is a payment processor built for small to medium-sized businesses. And, is proudly Canadian, with their head office located right at the bottom of the CN Tower. Does it get any more Canuck than that?

Plooto will automate the workflows for your AP and AR. It syncs with your accounting software to import bills and invoices, then all you have to do is click to pay/get paid.

Eliminate the insecurity of cheque-printing and have signing authorities approve from anywhere. That's right - no more sitting at the desk approving invoices, signing off a stack of cheques.

They also tackle and simplify CRA payments, including Federal Payroll Deductions, Corporate Tax, GST & HST Payments.

Plooto takes into consideration the huge fees that banks often charge SMBs for small transactions. If you aren't one of the big corporations, you're often low priority. Currently, their rates are more than reasonable at just $25/month, 10 free transactions every month, and just 50 cents for further domestic transactions!

We know security is the number one priority when it comes to your banking and your money - and Plooto agrees. Their platform exceeds national standards for security.