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Got Vacation Plans This Summer? Quick Tips for Managing Your Small Business While You’re Away

This summer, don't let your small business suffer while you're away on vacation. With a few smart planning techniques, you can enjoy your time away without worrying about the state of your business. From setting up virtual assistants to automating tasks, there are plenty of ways to keep your business running smoothly even when you're not around. Read on for some tips on managing your small business while away this summer.

1. Delegate, delegate, delegate!

Get your team members on top of your to-do list. Make sure all priority tasks are being covered. Write down the other day-to-day things that aren’t included on your list, like answering phone calls, emails, sales leads, HR, etc. and make sure someone is assigned. Make it clear - don’t assume everyone knows what they should be looking after.

And if you’re not taking advantage of time and task management software like ClickUp, Zoho,, etc., make sure it gets put on the to-do list when you return!

2. Choose whether to work remotely, or completely unplug

Instead of trying to jump on an emergency meeting and fiddling with poor internet or a slow laptop, make the choice ahead of time whether you will dedicate a few hours of your vacation to work, or if you’ll be completely unplugged.

The mental health benefits of fully disconnecting are huge and will allow you to actually enjoy your vacation time and be fully present in the moment. Of course, this isn’t an option for everybody, but if you must work, set aside a set amount of time and don’t overwork yourself!

3. Automate where you can

If you don’t have team members to take over some of your work, look into setting up automation before you go. This includes out-of-office replies, enrolling in QuickBooks’ Auto-Payroll, scheduling social media posts, and using other apps like Zapier to handle your administrative tasks.

Bonus: this will only benefit you in the long run, when you return from vacation and your work is still being done for you automatically!

4. Schedule in more fun after your vacation

Nearing the end of your vacation, it's actually pretty common to get the blues. All the excitement and anticipation of time off begins to wear away once you start thinking about returning to work and everyday life. So make time for more time off!

Of course, small business owners don’t have the luxury of endless vacations, since we’ve got businesses to run. But a fun after-work event, such as bowling, dinner, or a concert, can become something to look forward to and a great way to remember why time off is so important for our mental health.

Still dreading those books?

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